Macau Radio Taxi Services Limited (hereinafter “Radio Taxi”) are approved to operate 100 Special Taxis for eight years started on 1st April 2017, which provides three ways to call taxi through phone, apps and website.


Radio Taxi provides three types of Taxis:

  1. Standard Taxis: up to six passengers
  2. Deluxe Taxis: up to seven passengers, if four large luggages are occupied, it can carry 5 passengers.
  3. Accessibility Taxis: up to five passengers, if two wheel chairs are occupied, it can carry 2 passengers.

If the number of passengers exceeds the capacity of desired Taxi, drivers can refuse to service the passengers.

Seat belt

With the exception from Traffic Bureau, otherwise all passengers are required to wear seat belts. Rejecting to wear seat belts, drivers have the right to refuse to service the passengers.



The official currency shown in meter is MOP. The total fares are counted by the travelling routine, waiting time and surcharges.


Fares (MOP) 
First 1600m 19.00
Every 240m 2.00
Waiting,on duty (for each 60 seconds) 2.00
Baggage transported in baggage compartment (each piece) 3.00
Additional fee (MOP)
Taipa to Coloane 2.00
Macao to Coloane 5.00
Boarding a taxi at University of Macau’s new campus on Hengqin Island 5.00
Booking fee for special taxi (applicable when the taxi arrives within 10 minutes after the booking time) 5.00
Booking fee not applicable when, without the passenger’s prior consent, a special taxi different from the type requested is sent

Passengers can request for printing receipts.Receipt

a. Drivers should prepare notes and coins for change.
b. Passengers with denomination of 500 or 1000 should ask drivers for change in advance.
c. Drivers can ask for other denomination of 500 or 1000 to pay the fare.


Driver’s responsibility and attention to behavior

Taxi drivers shall:

a. Keep their appearance clean and tidy

. Wearing company uniform
. Correctly shows the Drivers’Identity.

b. Keep the vehicle clean and comfortable

. Ensure that taxi and livery clean
. Ensure the trunk is tidy

. Eating, drink and smoking are not allowed.
c. Attitudes

. Initiative and greet passengers, ask and confirm the destination
. Always to say thank you and goodbye
. To be polite when talking to avoid inappropriate behavior such as swearing or spitting
. When necessary, basic Putonghua and English communication
. Politely tell the passenger fare, if necessary, inform the surcharges in advance.

d. Choose the best routine

To be familiar with the destinations and routes
Using the most direct or passenger designated routes, except unsafe conditions, such as: unsafe road condition, inclement weather and dangerous. In these cases, drivers should explain the situation to change routine.
If there is a different route for choices, drivers should consult passengers for confirmation
Be aware of traffic congestion
If necessary, drivers should use the navigation and consult call center for right routine.

e. Provide support actively

To assist disabled or elderly passengers alighting
To assist wheelchairs passengers or passengers with large luggage
To assist passengers with babies
Remind to wear seat belts
Remind to bring their belongs before getting off.

f. Provide a safe trip;

Follow government’s road rules
Driver should always focus on driving
Drive safely
Do not over speed
Unless overtaking, but should keep to the left lane of the road;
Keep away from the vehicle in front
Obey traffic lights
Switch off the engine when off
Ensure reverse safety

g. Taxi regulations

 . No soliciting passengers
No overcharging, no tips
Do not attract passengers to induce in use of the vehicle
Don’t refuse to take passengers to the designated places
Without approval of passengers, do not pick up others
Correctly displaying the latest taxi fare table
Provide printed receipt as requested

Do not drive or queue in the other taxi stations or waiting points

No Airport waiting fee is allowed.

Passengers should pay attention to

Passengers must wear seat belts all the time..


a. Do not intercept taxi on the street,

b. Do not pick up or drop off in the restricted area

c. The passenger should not be exceeded at the capacity provided and still forced the car;

d. Taxi drivers shall not be required to wait or park in restricted area

e. Taxi drivers shall not be required to work for others out of taxi services;

f. Be polite and provide appropriate behavior

g. Keep Taxi clean and tidy

h.No eating and drinking inside taxi

i. No littering inside taxi

j. Do not throw, stretch or hang outside taxi

k. Do not show your body outside taxi

l. Be appropriate wearing your own seat belts



Customer service

Customer service provides 5 dedicated line with 24 hour operations. Passengers can call 8893-9999 for query, suggestions, complaints, lost and found.


GPS with wrong starting point will be considered as incorrect call.

The animal or bird

Animals and birds are not allowed to carry on Taxi.

Cleaning fee

Vomit, soil in the car or seriously affect the cleanness, passengers will have to pay the cleaning fee of MOP 800.


No tips are required.


No eating, drinking or smoking in the car.

Emergency and accident handling

In case of emergency, drivers are required to:
a. Swtich on the “warning lamp” and then gradually slow down for safety reasons;
b. Move the vehicle side of the road

  1. Emergency call for assistance
    d. Taking care of passengers and stay in safe location
  2. Wait for police’s instruction

Drink and drug

No drink or drug before providing service.

Compliments and complaints

If passengers do wish to compliment drivers or dissatisfaction with the service, passengers should record the name of drivers, taxi registration number, date, time and place of the incident, and then praise or complaints through the following method:

Macau Radio Taxi Services Limited

Hotline 8893 9999
Fax number 8893 9898
Website http://www. macaotaxi .com
Email address
Address Avenida Governador J. Silverio Marques No. 108, R/C

Edif. Comercial Zhu Kuan Mansion 1 Andar Z, Macau

Traffic Bureau
Hotline 8866 6363